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Welcome to Government Printing Press

The Government Printing Press, formerly “Imprensa Nacional”, is the oldest Institution of the Government dating back to 19th Century. Until 1980, the Press was using the printing technology acquired during pre-liberation times. However, since then, the process of phasing out the old and outdated machinery and its replacement by Offset Printing and Computer System has taken place, enabling the Press to cope up with the manifold increase in the workload that is associated with the increased tempo in developmental activities. During the Ninth Five Year Plan 1997 – 2002, the process of implementation of the Scheme of “Modernisation, Expansion and Replacement Programme” is under execution in a phased manner. And the same continues in 10th Five Year Plan also.

Government printing Press - Images showing Man & machine
The Government Printing Press has two workshops in Panaji i.e. in the main age-old building located on M. G. Road close to Azad Maidan and a smaller on i.e. New Government Printing Press at Junta House, Panaji. Besides, the Department has a branch office in Comunidade building at Margao-Goa.
The Department of Printing and Stationery Being a service oriented department, has to cater to the needs of all the Government Departments/Offices of this State, which are declared as “Direct Indenting Departments” from time to time, for procurement and supply of stationery items and printing of standard/non-standard forms, registers, reports, Acts and Rules etc. For this purpose, the Department has to procure stationery items in bulk quantity annually through the open tender system and then select these items which conform to the specifications based on the recommendations of the Purchase committee specially constituted for the purpose by the Government, after which firm orders are placed on the suppliers.
The Department is also entrusted with the responsibility of printing sensitive and confidential documents, such as the Annual Budget, the Finance Minister’s Speech and the Governor’s Address delivered to the State Legislative Assembly during the Budget Session, the printing of Ballot Papers and other related matters of various Elections conducted by the Election Commission of India and the State Election Commission and Government Utility Wall Calendars various types of non-standared forms required to various Government Department/Offices of this State such as Transport Department, P.W.D. Goa Medical College, Courts, Police, etc.
The main activity of the Department is the printing and publication of the Official Gazette — the official organ of the Government — brought out weekly on every Thursday, wherein the Central and Local Acts enacted by the Parliament and the State Assembly from time to time are published, for general information and guidance of the public and for their enforcement by the Departments concerned.
The Official Gazette is published in three Series, namely Series I, Series II and Series III. In addition, Extraordinaries and Supplementary Gazettes are brought out as and when requested for by the Departments concerned depending upon the urgency and the public interest.
Besides, there is also a Publication Depot in this Press where various Government Publications, Official Gazettes, Act and Rules printed by this Press are kept for public sale through the Sales Counters of this Press at Panaji and through the Branch Office at Margao, privates notices to be published in the Official Gazette and subscription to Official Gazette are also accepted there, Besides Branch Office, Margao supplies stationery, standard forms and registers to various Government Departments/Offices of South Goa.