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Government of Goa


Acts as on today's date
Total Acts:166

Sr No.Act NameDownload
1 Abolition of Proprietorship of Lands in Diu Act Download
2 Absorbed Employees Act Download
3 Administration of Evacuee Property Download
4 Administrative Tribunal Act Download
5 Advocate Welfare Fund Download
6 Agricultural Produce Marketing Develop and Regulation Act and Rules Download
7 Agricultural Tenancy Act and Rules Download
8 Anatomy Act Download
9 Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites Download
10 Animal Preservation Act Download
11 Authority for use of Eyes for Therapeutic Purposes Download
12 Barge Tax Act Rules Download
13 Barge Taxation on Goods Act Download
14 Brackish Water Fish Farm Download
15 Buildings Lease Rent and Eviction Control Act Download
16 Cess on Fluid Milk Act Download
17 Change of Name and Surname Act Download
18 Childrens Act Download
19 Chit Funds Act Download
20 Cinematograph Goa Daman and Diu Act Download